I couldn’t believe it when even my mother asked, “Are you sure that’s the best idea?”

September is typically a very busy month for us moms as we get our kids back into their routines.

September 2013 was particularly chaotic for me as I planned two of my daughters’ Bat Mitzvahs and another daughter’s Sweet 16.

All were joyous, celebratory events, but each required a tremendous amount of planing.

Add running a full time, thriving business on top of that, and it was the perfect recipe for inordinate stress.

Problem is, I didn’t follow any of the advice I give to my clients:

When you’re going through a stressful period, make certain you eat particularly healthy and find time for light exercise.

Me, the CEO of a fresh-pressed juice company, didn’t even drink my own JOOS and I got what I deserved: a painful sinus infection.

“That’s it,” I said to my mom, “time to start cleansing.”

She replied, “Are you sure that’s the best idea when you’re so sick.”

For over 15 years, I have been speaking with my mom about the benefits of cleansing. The first time I did it, she questioned, like so many people, why I would do it if I didn’t need to lose weight. 

The reason I started cleansing: after a very difficult marriage and divorce, I had a lot of emotional baggage to shed. Cleansing enabled me to achieve that.

As I lay in bed sick during a weekend, I knew that my body was craving a concentration of the the most nutrient rich foods. After my first day of drinking several organic juices, I literally felt like I was back on track.

Cleansing doesn’t necessarily mean drinking green juices. In fact, there is no “right” way to cleanse. Generally it means eating clean for a defined period of time. At first this can seem daunting and confusing, but once you get the hang or it and find a way to cleanse that makes sense for you, cleaning can be fun and liberating!

Try doing a cleanse at least once and I bet you will continue to do it…  

If you need suggestions how to do a cleanse that feels best for you, please contact me at lauri@embracingmyself.com