It sounded preposterous to me, at least at first. When I had my first Ayurvedic consult, the doctor told me that, given my body type, I shouldn’t eat crackers, dried cereals or powdered protein drinks. The reason: they’re too drying for my body type. Instead, he recommended that I eat more unctuous, lubricating foods like avocados, ghee, salmon and sesame oil.

After giving this much thought, I realized how correct the doctor was. I generally tend to have dry skin, which is typical of people with my vata/air body-type. We all underestimate the importance of our skin, but it is the largest organ in our body. The quality of our skin is a reflection of what is happening within us.

This simple suggestion showed me just how different we all are and that, what is considered healthy for one of us can be poison to someone else.

A healthy diet is generally composed of:

  • 60% is plant rich (fruits and vegetables)
  • 30% is legumes, whole grains, nuts and fish if you choose
  • 10% is whatever you choose, such as alcohol, pizza, cake, etc. After all, you have to live life.
  • Staying hydrated with pure water.

There are certain foods to avoid altogether, including gum, sugar, soda, processed foods, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup.

Within that context, we must decide what works best for us. For example, for some people they may want to eat meat. Others may avoid it. The problem is with all these processed fortified foods we consume, we have lost touch with what is truly best for us.

My suggestion is to start experimenting. See what foods give you more energy and which foods deplete you. This is optimally done by implementing an elimination diet, which is eliminating all the high sensitivity foods, including all the foods mentioned above, wheat, dairy, animal protein, for at least 1 week, although 21 days is preferable. On the first after this elimination period,  add gluten only and see how you feel. On the second day, eliminate gluten, and add dairy, and see how you feel, and so forth.

If you would like help/guidance/support, please contact us. We have a million reasons to make excuses, but nothing beats feeling empowered. Make your move today!