Are you short term decisions sabotaging your life? Introducing the Candy Bar Theory!

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"Do you really want to eat that candy bar?" The more you resist, the more you want it. What a dilemma! I was introduced to the "candy bar theory" at Halloween when I was around 8. I proceeded to eat a huge bag of Charleston Chews. My mother said to me, "they taste great now, but [...]

Get Ready to Rock Your World! Here’s How!

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Kara (named changed) was a naturally gifted athlete. Everything came easily to her, but when she reached high school, she experienced a rude awakening. When she tried out for the soccer team, she only made the Freshman team. Devastated, she gave up.  Kara classically has what Dr. Carol Dweck, author of the must read Mindset and a professor at Stanford, [...]

What is the one thing that shapes our entire life?

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The boy grew up poor. One Thanksgiving, a man came to his door with a full feast. The boy tried to tell his father about the man at the door, but his father was too busy screaming at his mother. Finally the father went to the door and screamed at the delivery man, "We don't take [...]

What We Need to Do to Feel Fully Empowered!

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I gave birth to my second daughter less than 2 months after our move to Hong Kong. My ex husband was very busy trying to establish himself in his new position at his company and was traveling almost non stop. He left the hospital almost immediately after the birth on a business trip. The hospital where I gave birth was [...]

3 Important Tips to Get Ourselves on Track

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One of my favorite activities is running in the woods or on the beach with my dog, Windsor. Windsor may be small, but I would put him up against any big dog when it comes to athleticism.   On one of our runs through the woods in New Seabury, two big dogs started to chase him. I [...]

Are you seeing reality clearly? 5 Ways to stay present!

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A gentle breeze on a warm Carribbean morning. The waves peacefully rolling in and out. My feet covered in sand for my first Warrior 1 of the day. I hear the yoga instructor say, "find your drishti," a gazing technique that develops concentration and teaches us to see the world the way it really is. This, to [...]

Why do we need those people who push our buttons?

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There was a spiritual community in France where a man with a terrible temper lived. Everyone in the community disliked him and wanted him to leave. The leader of the community would ask the people to perform very silly tasks. One day, the leader asked them to move lawn from one side of the road to [...]

The Launch!!! After an historic day, let’s take action and act w solidarity!

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On the tailwinds of such an historic day, the Million Women March, I am excited to launch my blog,, today about raising people up who have been experiencing hardship.   Many of you knew me as the CEO of JOOS, an organic juice company that promoted healthy lifestyles. I loved that company and all that it did [...]

Survivor of Domestic Abuse Now Helping Other Victims

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When Deborah*, a married mother of three young children, found a newsletter stuffed into her son’s backpack, she noticed an advertisement that read, “If you are a victim of domestic violence, there is help. Contact the Jewish Domestic Violence Coalition.” Stunned, but also empowered, she thought about contacting the organization. She thought she was the only person [...]

My Story

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How my community supported me in arising from domestic abuse and becoming even stronger. Kathryn Bertine had a dream to become an Olympic cyclist. The big day of the Olympic Trials arrived, and, in all her enthusiasm, Kathryn overexerted herself at the beginning of the race. Exhausted, she started drifting towards the back of the Peloton. [...]