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Embrace Yourself Today

Time may heal, but how do we live with the scars?

Embracing Myself goal is to be a source of comfort and support for people undergoing difficult times whether as a victim of domestic abuse/domestic violence, a difficult divorce, the loss of a job, an illness, etc.

In some way, life is going to get us, and our mission is to help people find tools to navigate through these difficult times with the understanding that what resonates with one person may not for another.

In other words, everyone needs to find their own path and we’re here to support you through whatever that may be. In addition to our blogs, we also provide coaching, resources/organizations that will support you and tips how to get yourself on your feet to feel strong, empowered and joyful.

Please know, you are not alone!

Dignity is not a luxury! You deserve to feel happy and loved!

“Love should be safe!” –Journey to Safety, the JF&CS response to domestic abuse

Engage With Us

Lauri is passionate about helping people achieve the lifestyle of their dreams and live an empowered, happy, healthy life. As a board certified health coach, she has lovingly coached thousands of people to achieve healthy, sustainable eating habits and free themselves from the shackles created from life’s patterns.

Come realize your dreams!

Have you made a decision that you’ve regretted that took you down a path in which you feel trapped? Like you, Lauri has experienced her share of the ups and downs in life, which has enabled her to learn crucial lessons and ultimately live an empowered, fulfilling life!

As a board certified health and wellness expert, she has spoken extensively about how to lean in to life’s challenges so that you can live a fulfilling life filled with joy and inner peace.

Lauri believes we all carry the responsibility to be an active owner on environmental, social and governance issues using direct dialogue with senior company leadership and government officials. A better, more just world starts with our embracing the world in which we live.

Lauri is currently advocating for changes in MA House Bill HB 1207: An Act Relative to Child-Centered Family Law. Thanks to the many survivors who wrote letters, sent postcards, and met with legislators to tell them how the original bill harmed survivors and children affected by domestic violence. Our efforts made a big difference!

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