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Lets Start with This”

And When he sits on the throne of this kingdom, he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law approved by the Levitical priests. And it shall be with him, and he shall read in it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the LORD his GOD by keeping all the words of this law and these states, and doing them

Deuteronomy 17:18-19

Now I know that in these verses GOD is setting out laws for the rules of Israel but what a fantastic way to learn and know that you have read and gone over all there is in the Holy Bible at least one time in your life. Really, who could tell you that you have never read or studied the bible if you have a copy that you have personally written out by hand. Also writing is slow. So as you write things we have a tendency to consider what we are writing since our mind moves faster then our hand. We sit and revise the words we are going to write before we even write them on normal occasion, now I am not telling you to revise the bible but rather then think of revising, since you mind knows you aren’t trying to revise the bible, think and focus on what you are writing really mean.

As the world has moved on we have very few kind or sole rulers left. Most Governments are run by many people with checks and balances. Even in the US we have a tradition in which we give the president and congress a copy of the bible. A few times they have stopped but it always comes back into tradition. But never have a hear about a ruler in any sense writing out their own copy of the laws. I cannot imagine someone sitting the president down and telling him he must write out the constitution and articles of amendments by hand. I’m not sure anyone would want to be president or they would start at 6 years old to get a head start. On the other hand this might be a great thing to have High School Students do over the course of their 4 year career. No graduation if you don’t have your copy. How many people do you think we would have on the street that could honestly tell you they didn’t know what the law was if they had, had to write it all out by hand for them selves.

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Now let me start with the fact that in no what at all am I going to talk about ALL child free people. Also in no what am I talking about childless people. There is a huge difference in those two communities of people. Lets start of with my definitions of who I am talking about.

1. Child free – These are people who do not have kids and they do not want kids for whatever reason. They plan on NEVER having any children naturally, by adoption, or any other means.

2. Childless – These are again people who do not have kids, but they don’t always not want them. Sometimes they are unsure of their decision, have decided it’s just not the right time to have them, they are unable to have kids, are looking to adopt or many, many other situations. But most of these people are looking forward to having kids at some point in their lives by some means.

Now that’s over I can get back to the Child Free people. Now most people in this category fall into 1 of 2 sides.

1. Neutral – I don’t want kids for my own reasons but if you want them that’s up to you and good for you. That’s your decision and mine is mine. Also known as Live and Let Live.

2. Child Haters – These are the people that hate kids and they aren’t afraid to tell you about it. They are the ones that make nasty jokes about kids, tell people they shouldn’t have them, and usually come up with nasty names for people that have them and their kids.

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Well actually I should say no where at all. I’ve kinda hit a wall and I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

  • Laundry? No.
  • Cleaning? No
  • Reading the Bible? No
  • Listening to Missed Sermons? No
  • Walking? No
  • Anything besides sleeping? No

Now I’m no depressed. I know this for sure. I have as my doctor says “Don’t have the type of personality to be depressed”. I guess some people do? Anyways I can get up and do something and once I am doing it I am fine. Really. I did like 4 loads of laundry today. But it did take me like 45 minutes to get up and do it. I seem to go through phases where I am either super productive or not productive at all. In 30 years I have never not once found a middle point in all of this. Either I have my big book of things and I am getting everything done or I am looking at the page and doing nothing about it at all.

Usually my husband just puts up with me and tries to gently push me back into wanting to do something. I do feel guilty. I feel like I am not living up to my part of the bargain. I get to stay home full time and I don’t bring in any money. (We are not going to get into the argument of what a housewife/stay at home mother should make, could make, saves the family or whatever the bottom line is that doesn’t pay the car payment so I don’t care)

My Purpose in our home and my life is to:

  1. Love God with everything every single day and to first give my time in praise, study, and Prayer
  2. Take care of myself so that I can serve my family/church/community
  3. Make sure that my husband is taken care of and loved
  4. Make sure that my children are taken care of and loved
  5. Make sure my house is clean and a safe haven so that everyone has a protected place to be

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I am so pissed off at Striiv Right now. In case you don’t know the Striiv is a Smart Pedometer. Kind of like the Fitbit or a pedometer but it has a game and other motivation things built into it.

I loved my Striiv and told just about everyone about it that I can into contact with it was that cool when I bought it

But then it malfunctioned. It’s okay tho I thought because I have heard great things about their customer service department from other people. So I’ll just call and get this taken care of.

That’s when the problems started.

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I was raised in a Catholic Church. It was a huge cathedral style, stained glass, enormous wooden door and the whole nine yards. When I married my husband he was not planning on being catholic for just about anything. We got married in a Methodist Church. We soon started going to a Baptist church and loved it.

When we moved to Georgia the first thing that we noticed was this HUGE MEGA church that sat on the corner in the middle of town. We refused to go there. It was in my opinion at the time way to overboard for a church. So we found a tiny little church down the road from my house and started to go there.

While in the beginning I always thought that smaller would be better I am starting to think that it’s not always the case. I guess the right answer is that you should do what works for you and not listen to people like me. We now attend church at that HUGE MEGA church and even though I know I shouldn’t think this way I still have issues with giving them my money. As you stand in the lobby and look at all the marble or the 20+ monitors in the worship center it’s a bit concerning.

I know that life is different for all people but here is what I have learned from my time at both churches.

Little Tiny Church – At first we loved this place because we were able to get to know everyone there and people actually missed you and cared if you were missing. It was super easy to get involved when there was something going on but that wasn’t all that often. Eventually the church started having issues and the “board” killed the heart and soul of this church. The pastors all left, the teachers left, even the office lady left soon after. It’s sad to see something like that happen because it’s one of the first places that I actually felt the hand of God at work and though something good was going to happen. It also taught me that small churches can go as soon as they get started up.

SUPER BIG MEGA Church – I always thought that if you went to one of these churches you would just get lost in the crowd but as even the first time that we went a bunch of people noticed that we were new. We didn’t end up lost in the crowd at all. Another good thing is the because they take in something like 97K in tithes a week they have the money to do just about anything they want to do. On Sundays they have classes for teens, spanish services, 3 sessions of bible study with classes for every age group and life stage, Kids church, and Sunday school. On Wednesdays they have Kids praise, Awana, and groups for the teens, they also have 30+ groups for adults on everything from bike rides, to photography, to bird watching. They also have random stuff on all the other days. As much as I liked the tiny church they could never had paid to have all those classes much less come up with the space for them.

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